📈Long Term Economy

Economic Model

Bored Army is a new kind of game focused on rewarding players for the time and effort they invest in playing and developing the ecosystem.

We have chosen to develop an economy where ownership belongs to the player. Rather than selling items or copies of the game, Bored Army developers focus on creating opportunities for players to earn money. So when you trade an NFT or token-format item within the Bored Army ecosystem, you keep most of the profit and the developers are only left with a small fee charged by the Marketplace to make the transaction.

Principles Of A Strong, Healthy, And Long-Term Economy

Initially, to maximize growth, Bored Army's economy will be dependent on new players. Over time, the strategies described below will be implemented and improved by focusing on transitioning from the growth economy to the sustainability economy through the demand of existing players, reducing dependence on new entrants to the ecosystem, and adding new revenue sources.

Allowing players to join for free is one of the main points of our sustainable economy project. The more players that join for free, the healthier the long-term economy will be, because players who join for free are encouraged by the games to contribute spontaneously in order to make their experience more enjoyable.

The ecosystem's long-term sustainability depends on the following:

1. NFTs and Energy Pack Sales

Players can start for free, but to access the Play and Earn mode they need an Bored Army NFT. Each purchased NFT sends a part of its value to the Share-to-Earn program and another part to the Energy Pool.

2. Selling Items and Cosmetics

This strategy is currently well-known and validated by the major game developers in the market. Players can play for free but the companies make a lot of money selling items to players who want facilities or just cosmetics that differentiate them from others.

3. Marketplace

Through the Marketplace, players can buy and sell specific NFTs and other items they desire, as well as Rent their BA NFTs to other players. Each completed transaction generates a fee. Part is sent to the System Fee, part is burned, reinforcing the strength and sustainability of the Bored Army ecosystem.

4. DEX Fees

Whenever a token trade takes place on a decentralized exchange, such as Pancakeswap, a percentage of the transaction is sent to a wallet chosen by the project.

5. Predict to Earn Games

Games like these are those where the player bets an amount of gold coins to chance their luck and win a valuable item, a rare item, or just more gold coins than he bet. These games also charge a percentage of the bet amount as a system fee.

6. Player vs Player Games

Games in which players can battle other players make it possible to charge a "mediation fee". Each time the system brings together two or more players who wish to battle each other, it charges those players a fee. No matter who wins, the system fee will always be paid.

7. Real usefulness of NFTs

Creating utilities that go beyond the games is an important step in making demand for NFTs exist. Creating benefits for the Bored Army holder club makes more trades in the market, and the more trades, the more fees that strengthen the economy.

8. Publicity and Sponsorship

Many projects seek ways to distribute rewards and tokens to a community of qualified people within the Blockchain market. By creating a legion of players familiar with Web3 and cryptocurrencies, the Bored Army community will attract many forms of sponsorships among other additional sources of capital along the journey.

9. Additional Sources of Capital

As the project becomes better known and reaches a community with a large number of players, many additional opportunities will arise to introduce additional financial capital into the economy.

While many players start out with the expectation of earning financial returns through their efforts, many also play just for fun and social interaction. These players are excited to rank among the top players, not only to win prizes but also to be recognized in a global community. They value these experiences more than any potential earnings. These players contribute to the long-term economy by fostering a community that attracts various sources of additional capital. Our efforts will be focused on creating an ecosystem of competitive, fun, and attractive games for all who wish to contribute to the long-term ideals of Bored Army.

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