With this feature, Bored Army allow all players the chance to try out NFTs before purchasing them.
Renting will allow NFT owners to lease them to other players through previously established Smart Contracts. In this scenario the player will share the profits and rewards with the NFT owner.
Trial: Playing with rented NFTs is a great way for a new player to get a complete experience within the games without the need to have initial capital to buy an NFT.
Alternative Income: NFT’s owners will be able to earn rental income during periods when they are unable to play. They will also be able to set up their guild with skilled players who still don't have the resources to acquire their own NFT.
Free to Win: Any tenant in possession of an NFT will be able to play daily for their lessor and extract a portion of the rewards obtained in the game. Note that as a tenant, you have a limit of 10 rented NFTs in your account.