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Blockfun Games

Blockfun Games is a Brazilian technology and gaming company that creates innovative original game franchises using its own special engine. Our team consists of diverse individuals, including award-winning founders, former pro-players, and entertainment experts, all with extensive experience in the gaming industry.
With a team of more than 30 creative minds, we are paving the way for the future of cryptogaming across PC, Browser, and Mobile platforms. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the gaming industry by prioritizing the community through exciting competitive gameplay, easy access, and a leading platform that supports the player-driven economy.
Currently, our main focus is on developing the Bored Army Crypto Gameplace, a modern reinterpretation of the gaming industry's business model, where players are owners, and the community comes together in a captivating and one-of-a-kind universe. LinkedIn


Edu Kautz is the CEO of Blockfun Games, the company that developed Bored Army, in addition to being the founder of two highly successful Startups: Play Delivery and Greenmotor.
In his professional career, Edu Kautz has achieved continuous success by inserting innovations in his ventures, helping to develop new ways of using technology to improve people's lives.
Play Delivery and Greenmotor are highly successful digital platforms, the first one, of intermediation in deliveries that serves more than 130 cities in Brazil, with more than 100 thousand couriers and 7 million deliveries. The second, Greenmotor, aims to reduce food waste through Artificial Intelligence via a neural network, located in the largest technology park in Latin America, Tecnopuc.

Disclaimer of Liability

Disclaimer: Blockfun Games never provides advice on anything (OTHER than pure in-game topics); Statements made – on any platform or media - from our community team, or anyone else outside of our community are never to be used as advice and in particular legal or financial advice. Please find our full disclaimer in our terms and conditions.