🏛️Project Pillars

Our Vision

Blockchain gaming and the play n' earn movement are heralding a transformative shift in the gaming landscape. All games that thrived had players as their epicenter; with Bored Army they have the opportunity to be rewarded with cryptocurrency for their contributions to the gaming community.

We firmly believe that the time has come for blockchain games to evoke the same cherished emotions as the beloved video games we grew up with. We envision Bored Army as a sustainable venture that positively impacts the lives of gamers and the gaming industry alike. Central to our approach is the establishment of a robust community, where open communication and feedback are valued from the very outset. Our dedication lies in taking a long-term view of the project, refraining from any hasty decisions or shortcuts.

Truly Fun Multi-games

We know that you don't want to start a journey where you are forced to play the same game forever. That's why we created a universe where you can choose the NFTs you like the most and also the game you want to play.

Tired of playing the same game? Choose another game and keep having fun.

Truly Rare and Collectible NFTs

Each NFT has unique details and features that make them truly rare. Armor, weapons, hair, facial expressions, and other items allow for an infinite amount of combinations, making your NFTs perfect for collecting.

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