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Gameplay Operation

  • To access the Crypto Gameplace go to Bored Army;
  • Players choose the game and the mode they want to play — Play and Earn, Adventure, Predict to Earn or PvP;
  • To access Play and Earn mode, you'll need to utilize energy from your BA NFT. However, there's no need to worry because all NFTs automatically recharge their energy at the end of each day.
  • In Adventure Mode you play for free and 4fun
  • In PvP mode, players can use their GOLDs to play as many times as they want against each other. The winner keeps the pot;
  • In Predict to Earn mode, players can use their GOLD coins to play as many times as they want to test their intuition. In this mode, the risk and rewards are substantial;
  • The difficulty of each game determines the amount of GOLD the player earns when winning each match;
  • All energies are replenished every day at 00h UTC;
  • Play and Earn bonuses are credited in GOLD to your account balance;
  • You can use the Marketplace section to rent out your BA NFTs on an 80%/20% action basis and sell them at a price convenient to the owner with a 15% fee.
  • You can Swap your GOLDs and BRD withing the platform based on the swap table.