🎳Available games

Last update at 09/29/2023.

Currently, there are 7 games available:

  • Xquare — This game is a colorful and addictive puzzle game that challenges players to match groups of three or more similar objects. The gameplay is easy to understand but difficult to master, with new challenges and obslacles added to each lavel.

  • Bored Island — In this game, you take on the role of a fearless soldier on a dangerous island!

    Your mission is to dodge the swords and collect as much GOLDs as possible. As time passes by, the game becomes progressively more challenging, and the sword attacks become deadlier. You must fight to survive for as long as possible while the blades appear more frequently and move faster.

  • Jumper — Your soldier is trapped between deep abysses filled with deadly traps.

    You must jump between cliffs and escape treacherous obstacles. Every step is crucial for your survival. With each successful leap, you accumulate points and GOLDs. As the clock ticks, the difficulty intensifies: you need to be agile and skilled to overcome all the obstacles that appear.

  • Snow Surfers — In this thrilling endless racing game, you assume the role of a snowboarder gliding through a treacherous, snow-covered mountain, avoiding obstacles and collecting GOLDs. Danger lurks around every corner! But don't worry, your soldier is brave and ready to face any challenges that come your way.

  • Block Shooter — A Soldier in the air facing a challenge: shoot the blocks or dodge them. The further you go, the higher the difficulty. With every move, a block with a new score is added to the screen. Avoid collisions, stay in the air as long as possible, and collect GOLDs.

  • Top Miner — An exciting Minesweeper-style Predict to Earn game that will test your luck. Your mission is to find the hidden GOLDs without detonating any bombs! The more mines you select, the higher the multiplier for the amount of GOLD invested. However, remember: the more bombs there are on the field, the greater the chance to detonate them.

  • Gold Tower — Get ready to explore a tower filled with precious GOLDs and concealed traps. Gold Tower offers multiple levels of challenge, ranging from 'Easy' to 'Legendary'. Simply choose your desired bet amount and embark on an adventure through this exciting tower!

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