Yield Farming

Staking BRD unlocks the potential for amplified gains within the Play and Earn mode. To earn bonuses, you'll be required to individually stake a specific amount of X BRD for each BA NFT you possess. The more tokens you stake, the higher your potential rewards!
Please refer to the table below for guidance:
Quantity of Tokens
1 Month
1.1x more GOLD
Light Blue
2 Months
1.2x more GOLD
Light Green
3 Months
1.3x more GOLD
4 Months
1.4x more GOLD
5 Months
1.5x more GOLD
Dark Green
6 Months
1.6x more GOLD
Dark Blue
7 Months
1.7x more GOLD
8 Months
1.8x more GOLD
9 Months
1.9x more GOLD
10 Months
2.0x more GOLD
The quantity of BRDs required to acquire each crystal will be constantly adjusted. These updates are aimed at accurately reflecting the value of tokens in circulation as well as market conditions.
We are committed to providing continuous updates and will implement regular updates regarding the required amount of BRDs (the native token of Bored Army) needed for acquiring each crystal on the platform. It is crucial that all users are fully aware of the current conditions before committing to any Staking action.
Therefore, when choosing to perform Staking, the system will display all relevant information, including the precise amount of BRDs required to acquire a crystal and the lock-up period for that specific time. The Staking process will only be completed after the confirmation of these terms. For this reason, we emphasize the importance of reading and understanding the terms and conditions in effect during the relevant period.
It is important to note that users who already own Crystals will not be affected by updates to the table unless they choose to modify their Staking after an update to the required amount of BRDs. In such cases, the allocation of their BRDs will be affected by the new conditions in effect.
Stay tuned to our regular updates and official channels for additional information on these changes and other developments related to Bored Coin.
Taking the illustration below as reference, in ascending order from left to right, each tier will be represented by a colored crystal attached to your character in the Dashboard section. With the black crystal being Tier 0 (0% bonus) and the purple crystal Tier 10.
Staking Crystals
Imagine that each BA NFT you have has a crystal that needs to be recharged with BRD to make them stronger. You will need to stake a certain amount of X for each NFT you own to receive the bonuses individually, in a given amount of time.

As players release the tokens they've collected onto the market, it will be possible to buy BRD directly on exchanges that have it listed. In the future, you can expect the Token to interact in creative ways within the ecosystem of each game, generating even more utility and demand for it. With this approach, we effectively combine the two key factors that drive asset growth in this project: Scarcity will be achieved as tokens are gradually farmed by players over time, while high demand will be generated by token holders who can access extra and highly attractive earnings, making everyone eager to possess the token, even though not all players will hold it.