Buy and Sell

The expected release date for this feature is scheduled for Q1 2024.
In contrast to games from the “Web 2.0” era, crypto games like Bored Army empower players with genuine ownership and custody of all the assets they amass during their in-game adventures. True asset ownership transcends mere possession; it offers players the opportunity to trade these assets with others. This dynamic opens up a myriad of possibilities.
Every NFT within the game is unique, making them highly collectible. Now, with the official launch of the Bored Army Marketplace, players can actively buy and sell BA NFTs. The only accepted currency for these transactions is our native token, Bored Coin (BRD).
The marketplace imposes a transaction fee of 15%. Out of this, 7.5% is burned, adding scarcity and value to the BRD token. The remaining 7.5% is channeled back to the company, reinforcing the strength and sustainability of the Bored Army ecosystem.