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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Bored Army?
Bored Army is a Crypto Gameplace that brings together the passion for gaming, entertainment, and profitability all on one platform. We designed it to ensure both fun and financial rewards through the "Play And Earn" mode.
Putting the player experience first, our platform offers a variety of games, including action, strategy, puzzles, skill-based games, and much more.
How does Bored Army differ from other platforms?
We are a crypto gaming platform that leverages blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity, ownership, and scarcity of our items.
Our platform offers a diverse range of games, including action, strategy, puzzles, and skill-based games, providing users with a wide array of options to have fun.
This implementation grants our players an additional layer of protection, safeguarding their investments against the inherent market fluctuations.
What is "Play and Earn"?
The "Play and Earn" gaming model combines the fun of playing with the opportunity to earn real money, unlike the preexisting "Play To Earn" model, where an initial investment was mandatory to play.
However, to engage in the "Play and Earn" mode, you must acquire a Bored Army NFT.
This new approach provides players with the flexibility to choose how they want to participate – whether it's purely for fun without any costs or to invest and potentially make money through the games.
How can I start playing?
Become a Bored Army soldier by registering at our platform.

What is the starting amount to Play and Earn?
To participate in the Play and Earn mode, you need at least a BA NFT which can only be acquired through our intern buy and sell marketplace from other players.
What are the utilities of BA NFTs?
Your NFTs can be used as collectibles and also as an access key to the Bored Army Play and Earn games. In these games, you can collect GOLDs that are exchangeable for real money (BRD), compete in events, and have the chance to earn some of our official Tokens.
Which network are Bored Army NFTs registered on?
All Bored Army NFT collections are registered on the Binance Smart Chain. You can check the collections at OpenSea: ・Hero CollectionUndead Collection
Can I have more than one BA NFT in the same wallet?
Yes, you can have as many NFTs as you want in a wallet.
Is it possible to lose my BA NFTs?
Your BA NFTs can stay in your Bored Army wallet or in your Metamask wallet. In both cases you need to secure your account by keeping your private key and password safe to avoid being hacked by others. In addition, the user must strictly follow the Terms of Use, since in case of non-compliance, he may have his NFTs blocked for use/play.
How many BA NFTs are there?
You can track how many BA NFTs there are through the collections in OpenSea: ・Hero Collection; ・Undead Collection.
Are there any duplicate BA NFTs?
No, each NFT is completely unique, and there are no duplicates.

What games are available?
Currently (07/2023) there are 7 games available. Play and Earn games: ・Xquare - This game is a colorful and addictive puzzle game that challenges players to match groups of three or more similar objects. ・Bored Island - In this game, you take on the role of a fearless soldier on a dangerous island. ・Jumper - In Jumper, your soldier is trapped between deep abysses filled with deadly traps. ・Snow Surfers - In this thrilling endless racing game, you assume the role of a snowboarder gliding through a treacherous, snow-covered mountain. ・Block Shooter - A Soldier in the air facing a challenge: shoot the blocks or dodge them. Guess Games: ・Top Miner - An exciting Minefield-style guessing game that will test your luck. ・Gold Tower - Be prepared to brave a tower full of valuable GOLDs and hidden traps. Pvp Games: ・To be announced.

Is there a VIP mode that offers in-game benefits?
The games will have their own ecosystem with items — among other tools — that can bring benefits to the players who own them.
Can I have more than one account?
No. Each user can only have one account and no more, under penalty of deleting all accounts linked to him, as well as having his NFTs blocked for use/play.
Can I log in with more than one account on the same device?
Yes, you can log in with more than one account in the same device - friends and family, for example. But you can only log in with one account on each device simultaneously.
Which blockchain network does the platform operate?
All deposits and withdrawals are made through Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Is there a fee for withdrawals?
Yes, the current transaction fee is set at 4%.
Why can't I withdraw BUSD anymore?
In response to Binance's announcement regarding the suspension of the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) due to the discontinuation of the "BUSD" token, we have chosen to automatically convert the BUSD balance in all users' accounts to Bored Coin, based on the token's current market rates.
How long does it take for the withdrawal to be completed?
As instructed during the withdrawal process, it may take up to 24 hours to be completed.
If it exceeds this timeframe, please open a ticket in the platform's support to receive direct assistance from the team.
Can I deposit in any cryptocurrency other than BUSD?
Any amount deposited in any cryptocurrency other than BRD will not be credited to your account and will not be refunded.
If I don't play, will I lose the daily energy?
The daily energy doesn't accumulate, so if you fail to play, you won't earn rewards for the day you didn't play and you won't be granted a "bonus energy" in the next day.
How do I buy the 20 energy pack?
The 20 energy pack was promotional and is no longer available since 30/06/2023. Currently, the only way to get energy is by owning a Bored Army NFT that generates you energy on a daily basis.
Is there a system to generate passive income?
Currently, there is the "Rent" feature, where you can rent out your BA NFTs to other players, allowing them to play and collect GOLDs for you, creating a form of "passive income."
Furthermore, there is the possibility of adding idle games with low time maintenance, in which you will passively earn GOLDs or tokens.
How does the Rent feature works?
If you own a BA NFT, you can rent it out on the Bored Army Marketplace. Other players can use it to play and earn GOLDs, and you both split the earnings 80%/20%. Just log in, choose the NFT you want to rent, and click "Rent NFT" to make it available. You decide who you want to partner with, and you can cancel anytime. No limits on how many NFTs you can rent out from your army - but as a tenant, you have a limit of 10 rented NFTs in your account. Remember, this is still an early version, and we'll keep making it better!
Is there a referral limit for new members?
There is no limit on referrals. You can refer as many people as you want and the more you refer, the higher your bonuses can be.

Can I refer my relatives who live with me to join the game?
Yes, you can refer friends and family members to be players as well.
What is the token supply in Bored Army?
Bored Coin (BRD) has a maximum supply of 10,000,000 units.
What will be the utility of the Token?
Wthin the Bored Army platform, the Token will play a crucial role in Yield farming, multiplying the collected GOLDs according to the user's Token holdings. Moreover, the Token will possess distinctive functionalities tailored to each game's ecosystem on the platform.

Will the token be burned?
Yes. A portion of each ecosystem fee is set aside to be burned generating long-term scarcity.
Will the Token replace the GOLD reward system?
No, the Token will not replace GOLD as a reward in Earn mode.
The platform is not working the way it should work. What should I do?
The Bored Army platform is only available for PC/Mac and is optimized for Chrome and Safari browsers. Accessing it via mobile or other browsers may result in bugs and errors for which the user is entirely responsible.
Additionally, make sure to keep the website's cache and cookies updated to always have the latest version of the platform in your browser.
I played but an error message appeared, my GOLDs were not computed and I lost my energy. What now?
In case of an error where the GOLDs are not computed and the energy consumed anyway, there is no way to have your energy reimbursed. In the FAQ below there are some possible reasons why this happened.
Error 500?
This type of error only occurs when there is a connection issue on the user's end: such as a drop in connection, disconnection, high ping, etc. Any problem related to your internet, even if it's temporary, can lead to a failure to credit your GOLDs. It's important to always ensure a stable and reliable internet connection before playing in Earn mode!
Error 429?
This error occurs when there are too many requests from the user, and it is an automatic response from the server to prevent DDoS attacks.
If you are frequently encountering this error, try restarting your internet modem.
Error 401?
The 401 (Unauthorized) status code indicates that the request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource. It can happen because you are logged into the same account on more than one device simultaneously or you are running an outdated version of the website.
Be sure to keep your cache and cookies up to date for the best possible experience on the platform.
Can I change the e-mail I used to register my account?
No, it's not possible. All accounts are made through a decentralized WEB3 process, where only the user with access to the account has access to funds and NFTs. Even accounts made with email and password are created through a process in which the system creates a private wallet. In this context, it will not be possible, in any way, to request support for any account that the user does not have access to the email.
I sent my Bored Coin (BRD) to my Binance Account, but it doesn't show up. Why?
If you transfer your BRD (or any other cryptocurrency) to an incompatible wallet, the funds will be irretrievable, and we cannot assist in its recovery.
BRD can only be sent to Binance when it's officially listed on their platform.
What happened to the affiliate program?
The affiliate program for Bored Army was designed to reward users for sharing their link and bringing in new participants who minted NFTs. However, we have made the decision to discontinue the minting of NFTs on our platform. Consequently, the affiliate program also ceased to exist. For further references, please refer to our Terms of Use at the link:
Why can't I mint new BA NFTs?
The minting process was limited as of 29/09/2023. Consequently, it is no longer possible to mint new BA NFTs. This makes the current collection exclusive and unique. You can only acquire through our intern buy and sell marketplace from other players.